Enroll in TSA PreCheck at a parking lot near you

If you’ve been interested in enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program but haven’t found the time to do it at the airport, there’s another way you can sign up: the newly expanding IdentoGO mobile enrollment program.

The Transportation Security Administration is taking its TSA PreCheck registration process out of airports and to travelers in a mobile roadshow format this fall. In parking lots across America, the TSA will roll out a fleet of recreational vehicles and trucks for TSA PreCheck enrollment via its mobile IdentoGO program, a partnership with Idemia.

Through these mobile enrollment centers, travelers can complete the TSA PreCheck interview, do the fingerprinting component of the process and ask certified customer service representatives any questions they may have in person.

Eager to learn more about this alternative way to enroll in TSA PreCheck? Here’s all you need to know.

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What is the TSA’s IdentoGO program?


IdentoGO provides travelers with a way to enroll in TSA PreCheck outside of airports.

The enrollment process for TSA PreCheck requires an in-person interview and official fingerprinting using TSA technology, and many people have found it difficult to make the time to visit a TSA office within an airport to complete enrollment.

To get around this potential enrollment hurdle for travelers, the TSA launched the IdentoGO program as an alternative to the in-person airport component of the process. By deploying mobile stations around the country, the TSA-affiliated program will bring the enrollment process closer to travelers with the help of RVs and trucks.

Where can you enroll via IdentoGO?


There are currently several IdentoGO mobile enrollment units traversing the Northeast, the Midwest and the West.

They will stop for three or four days at each prearranged location, which is typically a AAA office parking lot. However, it could also be at a popular point of interest like an NFL stadium or shopping mall. The mobile setup targets areas that may be more convenient for people to reach than airports.

While the exact schedule for the mobile enrollment units varies by region and time of year, you can find the most up-to-date information about enrollment stops by visiting IdentoGO’s website or the TSA’s Enrollment Center Locator.


Once you’ve found your preferred pop-up location, all you’ll need to do is complete the online application for TSA PreCheck before your visit. No appointment is necessary, though making one can help you avoid a wait when you arrive.

Bottom line

While the application process for TSA PreCheck is straightforward, the need to meet in person with TSA staff to complete the required interview and fingerprinting steps adds a layer of logistical difficulty to the process.

Fortunately, the TSA offers its IdentoGO program to help make the process easier for travelers. By offering mobile enrollment units throughout the country, the TSA gives travelers the opportunity to sign up for TSA PreCheck without schlepping to an airport or jockeying for an appointment.

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